Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Liquid Adhesives – The Best Bonding Method

Liquid Adhesives – The Best Bonding Method
Liquid adhesives are the best bonding method for extended wear (2 weeks to 4 weeks) for lace wigs and hair systems.
4 Quick and easy tips to help you to get the strongest and most secure bond possible.
1.     Use a scalp protector on the area of attachment to help with bond.
2.     Use thin even coats when applying the liquid adhesive to the skin. (More doesn’t mean a longer hold. It does mean more mess to clean up at removal.)
3.     Apply the glue in both directions using up and down strokes to ensure coverage.
4.     Let the glue dry for about 3-4 minutes or until sticky before attaching the lace wig or hair system.
Note: Never apply the liquid adhesive directly on the lace. Instead, apply it on the area of attachment.
Choosing the Best Knot Type
Single Knots
Single knots involve knotting the hair once to produce a less visible knot. Single knots are durable, but are not as strong as a double knot. The knots are slightly less visible.
Double Knots
Double knots involve knotting hair twice to produce a double knot which provides a stronger, more robust knot. The resulting knots are even more visible.
Bleached Knots
Bleached knots involve lightly bleaching the knots. Bleaching the knots makes them less detectable, and not invisible. Bleached knots makes the hairline look realistic.
Camouflage Knots
Camouflage Knots involves coloring the root of the hair with a lighter hair color, usually color #4.
Silk Top is the highest quality scalp enhancement. It is made using silk and lace. The knots are completely hidden and cannot be seen under close scrutiny. The knots are tied between the layers of silk and lace. The actually hair appears to be growing naturally from the scalp. The lace is available in 6 popular colors to match your complexion.
Silk Injection
The knots are camouflaged by coloring the root of the hair with a lighter hair color, usually color #4.
Braid It Up At Night
Make a couple of big braids in your hair when going to sleep, swimming or exercising. You MUST comb your hair prior to braiding. NEVER sleep on wet hair. Your hair must be completely dry before going to sleep as sleeping on wet Full Lace Wigs WILL may cause the hair to mat. You can also wear your hair in an up or down pony tail. This works great for most curly or wavy units.
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