Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Glueless Silk Top Lace Wig

We have a lot of silk top lace wigs in stock.
But this silk top lace wig is from the idea of april lace wigs,they are selling a lot of silk top lace wigs,and I found this one is very natural and the cap design is very nice.So I ask our workers made an exactly same one with theirs.
With this cap,you do not need to use glue to wear the wig,the wig has clips at the ear tabs,so it could stay stable when you apply it.
If you are interested about this silk top lace wig,you could find it on our store:

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  1. Extension care seems a little more complicated since they're attached to your head, so you can mess up both your extensions and your real hair if you're not careful. I remember watching so many episodes of America's Next Top Model when a girl new to sew-in extensions would end up with terribly matted lace wig Are there extra precautions to take with extensions? malaysian wig "The main thing is using alcohol-free hair products. And the same kind of low-pH shampoo and conditioners we talked about earlier; sulfate-free products that won't strip the hair. My K2 Beauty Untangle Conditioner is made especially for gently detangling extensions. Leave-in conditioners are great, too."